You inspire me. 

I applaud your drive, determination, and your overall badassery.

And to celebrate all of the above, in 2018, I launched Jot & Tittle Designs (JTD).

It's this brand's mission to encourage every woman to step out, speak up, and play a leading role in the world around her. 

Inspired by action—be it on the trail, on the mat, or in the community—each shirt has been created to reflect just a teeny-tiny fraction of the incredible person you were made to be.

So while these tops may not “change” your life, they’ve been designed to remind you that the Creator has big plans for you. 

In that spirit, swing for the fences, sister, I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

Let’s run this race,
(Murder She Wrote fan girl, runner, yogi, sister in faith. An Alaska girl stuck in (Washington) DC traffic. 

Learn about JTD's commitment to giving, here.