100 Days. Three Months, Three Goals.

Don’t freak out, but as of today, there are 100 days remaining in 2019.

This is great news.

That’s a short enough period of time to hone in on AND long enough for us to still achieve meaningful change.


A quick Google search reveals that in 100 days:

  • A little girl stopped sucking her thumb.
  • Some guy named Gary ran 100 marathons; and
  • Napoleon managed to escape from exile, reinstate himself as emperor of France, and wage a full-blown war in Europe.
I’ll say it again for the folks in the back … One hundred days was long enough to run 100 marathons, shift Europe’s geo -political landscape, and uproot a life-long habit.

That means there’s still enough time on the clock to make a dent in some goals that have been collecting dust since January 1.

To make it simple, I’m dubbing my own final 100-day push, Three Months, Three Goals.

As part of this exercise, I flipped through my journals from the last two years. What I read surprised me. Some goals I knocked out earlier than expected. Others I’m still chipping away at a year-and-a-half later. Overwhelmed by pages of scribbled intentions, I decided to sift out any past goals that I now deem irrelevant, ego-driven, or unrealistic.

Irrelevant—At the beginning of the year, I wrote that I wanted to be able to do a handstand. Halfway through the year, I shifted my workout priorities to make room for increased mileage. Does failing to meet my yoga milestone bother me? No. I’m still working toward the outcome (increased fitness), even if I’ve shifted up my method and am measuring it with a different yardstick.

Ego-driven—ugh. These were metrics that seemed innocent at the time, but, in hindsight, are arbitrary and somewhat out of my control. For me this included shirt sales, salary (ha!), and other ways I was gauging my success or social media popularity. Boo. Tossed.

Unrealistic—not because I don’t think these goals are worthwhile, but because if I have 100 days remaining in 2019, I probably won’t get to them this year (like memorizing all 176 verses of Psalm 119). That’s okay, they’ll keep. Prioritizing these now would divert energy away from other areas of focused work.

Now that I trimmed down my original list of new year resolutions, I asked myself these questions to further clarify my Three Months, Three Goals plan:

Where do I need to finish strong?

Where do I need to catch up?
How can I make even an itty-bitty amount of progress on important things?
Where do I need to make final decisions?
If 2019 was a year to resolve larger questions, which decisions still need attention? 

That additional filter allowed me to streamline my priorities and distill them into a manageable list.
I also found it useful to create some guiding principles to govern these last 100 days. Values that I could apply to any goal I had committed to for the next three months.

Being faithful, hopeful, flexible, and above all GRATEFUL, were the principles that made my final cut. That way, no matter what, they’re still shaping the person I become.

What about you? With 100 days left on the calendar, where are you doubling down? How have your goals changed since January? What are you refusing to give up on? How are you finishing strong?

Tell me, because I look forward to growing together.



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